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Kelly Kline 707-539-4112 Owner Hairstylist

Diana Kline 707-539-4112 Owner/ Nail Tech

Amber Dastic – Fan Dastic Nails 707-695-0320

Vanessa Sanchez 707-710-4071 Hairstylist

Heidi Aiken 707-295-8216 Heidi’s Hair Care

Julie Combs 707-889-4882 Hairstylist

Mary Sharp 707-703-0701 Hairstylist

Stephanie Chase 707-480-2996 Hairstylist

Lori Dapelo 707-544-6245 Lori’s Nails

Mary Wyatt Moen 707-539-4112 Hairstylist

Kim Heerema- Goodman 707-228-7415 Hairstylist


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